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When you give to support  the outreaches of Hand of love, you allow us to help people in their moments of greatest need. 

How can you help?

1- Be a prayer partner with us.

2- Speak out to other friends about our ministry.

3- Encourage your church and friends to visit the Bible Land and be a part of our Ministry.

4- Visit the holy land, come on vacation, study or simply walk where Jesus walked.

5- You can support the poorest of the poor, $10 USD makes a difference in their Lives. 


If you feel called of God to help support us in this mission field, we would love to hear from you. 


Please send your email or postal address for News Letters and bi-monthly updates. All monthly gifts or special donations are tax deductible and should be sent directly to Hand of Love Association at:

Hand of Love Association


Nazareth Illit 1765316


Also you can give online by Paypal:


Or you can give online by

You are an important part of God’s plan.

Contact Us Today!

Hand of Love

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