About Us

Our Vision

To see lives changed and communities transformed by providing the needs of people through education, awarness program and humanitarian aid.

Our Mission

To provide HOPE with love, by encouraging the people to care for each other. To bring to the villages comfort and necessary supplies for life.

Our Objectives

  1. Supporting and empowering the community.

  2. To stand beside widows, orphans and persons in need.
  3. Encouraging and motivating local people to provide assistance, support and volunteer work.
  4. Arranging and providing for medical teams, medical supplies and medicines to benefit the poor.
  5. Developing the community culturally and professionally.
  6. Reaching out to local people through media.
  7. Planting Hope in the hearts of people through true love.

Our Core Values

  • Love:  To express the unconditional love to all people as equal.
  • Compassion:  To show care and kindness for others. Helping others who are                               in need.
  • Hope: Planting Hope in the hearts of people through true love.
  • Honesty: To consistently seek and speak the truth.
  • Accountability:  We accept our individual and team responsibilites and we meet our commitments. We take responsibility for our performance in all of our decisions and actions.

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Hand of Love

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Phone: +14406733312

E-mail: info@handoflove.org

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